9th Annual Block Party & Elections, August 11, 2019 5-8 pm
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 07:16PM
Salley Trefethen

Join your neighbors for the 9th Annual Huning Highlands Block Party for food, drinks and live music. It's at Preservation Station on the corner of Walter and Coal on Sunday, August 11 from 5 pm - 8 pm.  This year again showcases the acoustic trio Pawn Drive, a band who has played for us in previous years. This basics are provided (burgers, hot dogs, buns, etc). Bring a favorite dish or snack to share. It's also a good idea to BYOB.

The party potluck is combined with our annual elections, so we'll have ballots for you to vote for the coming year's board.

Please bring $3 cash ($5 per family) to renew/begin your membership and to vote. 

Board members agree to serve a two-year term and this year the following volunteers have agreed to serve for the upcoming term. (Write-in candidates are permitted.)

If elected, these volunteers will join the following board members in their second term: Bonnie Anderson, Jen & Elijah Esquivel, Moises Gonzales & Karla Thornton, Steve Grant, Lee Spittler, Ben Sturge.

The board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 at Preservation Station (corner of Walter and Coal). Meetings last about an hour and are open to the public. The most important job of the Board is to provide input to various governmental units about development proposed for our neighborhood. The Board also works to improve community conditions by collecting input from neighbors about issues affecting our well-being, and helping to sort out possible solutions. Finally, the Board enhances community relationships by sponsoring various events and activities. All of this work is done through volunteer effort.

Please join us at the annual block part on August 11.

Renew your $3 annual dues ($5 for families) and vote in our annual election. Write-in candidates are allowed.

For the Annual Report from the board, see Meeting Minutes page 

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