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Block Party and Board Elections, August 18, 2013 5-8 pm

Our 4th Annual Huning Highland Historic District Block Party is coming up August 18, 2013.

Come eat, drink, dance and meet your neighbors. HHHDA will provide the basics. Be sure to bring your favorite dish and drink to add to the bounty, potluck style. Joni Conrad-Neutra will be painting the kids' faces and acting as hula-hoop master. Tasha Caldwell wil approach local businesses to contribute goods/services to raffle the night of the party. Local musicians Pawn Drive will play two sets throughout the evening. 

We are combining the block party with our annual elections for the coming year's board, so if you are interested this is the perfect time to become a member or renew your membership—$3 single or $5 family. Bonnie Anderson will be on hand to take

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Lead and Coal Tree Planting, July 19, 2013

by C. David Day
Let's thank Councilor Benton, Diane Dolan, City Parks and Recreation, and the HHHDA Board and community members for their combined efforts in enhancing the look and feel of Lead and Coal with streetscaping. 
 This represents a turning point for the re-treeing of Albuquerque. Let's continue the momentum and look forward to our new City Forester in the Fall.
 What has been done here is legacy work that benefits our City and Region. We will get to enjoy the increasing growth and beauty of these trees during our lives, and leave the next generation a great gift. 
Mayor Tingley would be proud of all of us for continuing and improving his tree-planting legacy. Photo courtesy Fernando Delgado Photography. See more photos in Events Photos section. 

Lead and Coal Avenue Streetscapes Beautified

City and County Leaders, Huning Highland Historic District NA, Parks and Recreation Plant Trees

The Lead and Coal Avenue Streetscape Improvements east of I-25 have been complete for some time now, and the streetscapes from I-25 to Broadway are getting some attention as well.  The completed project reflects a cooperative effort by City Councilor Isaac Benton, the Bernalillo County Neighborhood Outreach Grant Program, the Huning Highland Historic District Neighborhood Association, and the City of Albuquerque’s Parks & Recreation Department. Funding for pedestrian improvements for this portion of Lead & Coal was included in the 2011 GO Bond program.  The project, managed by the City’s Department of Municipal Development, included streetscape and irrigation infrastructure improvements to support new planting and replacement of 57 trees along both avenues from I-25 to Broadway.  The Parks and Recreation Department conducted a study of existing vegetation and prepared a plan to remove old, damaged vegetation and to improve the streetscapes with more drought resistant plants and trees.

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Ceremony for Last Tree Planted on Coal, July 19, 9:30 am

This Friday, July 19, at 9:30 AM there will be a short ceremony as one of the final trees is planted on Coal, with Councilor Isaac Benton, Commissioner Art De La Cruz, and Bernadette Miera.  All three of these public servants helped us get new landscaping on the Huning section of Lead/Coal.  We will give them each a certificate of appreciation from the neighborhood and all of you are invited to attend.  The exact location on Coal has not yet been determined, but I will send out another message as soon as I find out.

Bonnie Anderson 


Street Calming Draft Policy for Review

The City has posted a draft policy document concerning “street calming” at this link:

The last public meeting for input to the City is Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 6:45 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center,  501 Elizabeth Street SE.  Our neighborhood association board wants to have your input.

If you have any input regarding this issue, please contact any of the board members listed on this website prior to this meeting.


Here's the Dirty for April 2013

by Bonnie Anderson

The Huning Highlands community garden is starting its fourth year. For those of you new to our neighborhood, the garden was originally an asphalt-covered lot next to the old Conoco filling station where workers did car repair and maintenance. With help from the neighborhood association, The Albuquerque Conservation Association (TACA), and lots of help from volunteers, the garden was born. The perimeter wrought iron fence was constructed, the asphalt was torn out, soil in the planting areas was replaced, the plumbing was extended from the station through deeply dug trenches, a drip system was installed, and a fence was set up around the planted area. Over the next couple years, we added chickens, a shade structure, and a side bed on the north side of the garden.

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In the Neighborhood—The Press Club

by Alyssa Kessler

In the Huning Highlands neighborhood of Albuquerque, where so many beautiful Victorian houses were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a log cabin was designed and built by the architect, Charles Whittlesey in 1903. It rests atop a hill at 201 Highland Park Circle in the southeast with the Huning Highlands Park below it. Many of you who live in this neighborhood may know of this, of course, but have you ever been inside? And, if you have, has the ghost of that old log house now occupied by the Albuquerque Press Club been part of your experience?

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Porch Lights

by Bonnie Anderson

I’m not so naïve to think that the simple act of leaving your porch light on all night will stop crime. However, I do believe that by leaving my porch light on all night, I am showing people who walk down my street that I care about their safety. The city provides street lights at every corner, but mid-block areas are often very dark. When you leave your porch light on all night, you and your neighbors help create a kinder, safer area.
I did the math. If you use a 60 watt bulb and leave it on for 10 hours per night, your electrical bill will go up about $1.50…..less if you use one of those new coiled low energy use bulbs. Let’s do it. Let’s show our neighborliness by leaving our porch lights on at night.


Trees for HHHDA

by Elaine McGivern

Springtime is here and all kinds of trees all over the Huning Highlands community are sprouting leaves. Many of our trees are old enough to be reaching the end of their life cycles. And we should consider replacing our stock of neighborhood trees. In fact, Bernalillo County agrees that is what we should do.

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Lead/Coal Update

by Bonnie Anderson

Progress on our section of the Lead/Coal redesign project has led to bulb-outs on the parking lane side of each street. While bulb-outs on the other sections of the project included irrigation and landscaping, we have to be patient. You may remember that the funds awarded for this project were not sufficient to cover the whole corridor, from Broadway to Washington. Our section was left out due to a determination that we had the highest safety rating compared to the other sections where the streets were much narrower.

Councilor Isaac Benton has not given up. While he has not promised that our section will be completed with as many features as the I-25 to Washington section, he is committed to finding resources for improvement. The first step was to get the bulb-outs put in. That is now completed. His next focus is to get the irrigation extended from the existing irrigation and then get landscaping installed. Benton is working with our neighborhood association as this work continues.

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