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7th Annual UNM Sustainability Expo, April 21st 10:30-2:30

UNM's Sustainability Expo will be held Tuesday April 21st from 10:30 to 2:30 at Cornell Mall (east of the UNM Sub). There will be a growers' market, an arts and crafts fair, food trucks, cooking demos, a bicycle auction, educational events and sustainable vendors. For further info about UNM's sustainability program, click here.  For info on the Lobo Growers' Market, click here. Click here for a copy of the flyer.



Dickens Lighting Contest Coming Up


Dickens of a Dinner wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for all the neighbors to take the time to put up their Christmas lights and decorations in time for the event. Our guests love to see the neighborhood dressed up for the Dickens Christmas progressive dinner.
Every year we give prizes to those households that have perked up the neighborhood the best.
To participate, make sure your lights are turned on the evening of the Dickens dinner—Lights Up by Saturday, Dec. 6!
Want to know more? Call Ann Carson at 242-1143.


  • $50 for The Artichoke Cafe
  • $30 for Hartford Square
  • $30 for Standard Diner




Why Huning Highlands

by Ann Carson

Our first adventure to New Mexico was to visit archaeo- logical sites and that included Albuquerque’s museums. A few years later my husband Jim decided that we could relocate with his company. And where would that be? We wanted a university and an airport. Our families lived in Arizona and Colorado. Albuquer- que was the logical choice.

Our realtor soon knew that we were not interested in what he called a “house house,” meaning a house without character. The one house that caught our attention was the Lembke Victorian. Could we restore it? What about the neighborhood? This was late 1985 when the neighborhood was on an upswing. We fell in love with the intact redwood woodwork and the historic aspect of the project. After all, isn’t remodeling some phase of urban archaeology?

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Here's the Dirt, November 2014

by Bonnie Anderson

The 2014 community garden season is now over. We held our annual harvest celebration on October 19 with everyone bringing a dish containing ingredients from our garden. We had sweet potato bisque, a green salad with braised red cabbage, a grated carrot salad with mint, pesto pasta, savory lima beans, veggie pizza, chips and salsa, and both roasted potatoes and deep fried sweet potato chips. Add beautiful fall weather, some wine and champagne, conversation among friends and guests, and it was a delightful evening.

The chickens now have the run of the garden, the irrigation has been put away for the winter, and some new fruit trees are taking root. There’s talk of putting grape vines in Row 10 next season where we’ve built a wire mesh support, and getting some new layers to add to the hens we’ve had for several years now.

The purpose of our garden is to build community, create a beautiful urban oasis, grow organic veggies and raise chickens. We meet at the garden on Saturday mornings and share conversation, tools, and sweat. We try to be done with our work in an hour but folks stay later if they are determined to finish a particular project. Rows are planted, tended, and harvested by all. Each family pays a $50 water fee to cover the water bills for the whole year. For those who also want to tend the chickens, each family pays $40 to cover chicken feed for the year. If you are interested in joining us for the 2015 season and you live in Huning Highlands, please contact me,


Help for Homeowners and Renters

For homeowners and renters, there is help for you as you review your yard, the front

strip at the street, and your section of the alley. This is a neighborhood that often has visitors who are interested in walking tours in our "Walkable and Bike Friendly Neighborhood." Keep your surroundings beautiful.

Here's some help for sprucing up.

  • Jason and Manuela have donated a gas lawn mower and an edger for your use and my weed eater is available, too.
  • Call neighbor Herman Graham who is in the business of tree trimming and hauling at 220-6308.
  • We also have an elderly man who likes to keep busy. He is best on the alley behind your house, which he can clean in two hours at $15 per hour. Contact me at 242-1143 for more information.
  • Trash cans seem to be creeping into front yards where they are visible. Check out Ray's house at 215 Walter SE. He solved the problem with a small enclosing fence.


Bus Rapid Transit—Only if...

by Bonnie Anderson

Do you ride the city buses here in Albuquerque? If so, I’m guessing you fall into one of two groups: those who don’t drive for whatever reason; or those who choose to leave the car at home for some or all of their trips. Living in Huning Highlands puts most of us within a mile of a bus stop. However, since jobs and services in Albuquerque are so spread out, bus service is not always

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It’s Time for the Block Party! Sunday August 17, 2014 5-8pm

The 5th annual Huning Highland Historic District block party will be held Sunday, August 17th from 5pm to 8pm at the Preservation Station community garden at the corner of Walter and Coal. Come eat, drink, dance and meet your neighbors.
The neighborhood association will provide plenty of grub from the grill. Be sure to bring your favorite dish and drink to add the bounty, potluck style. Local musicians Pawn Drive will play two sets throughout the evening. Check them out online at

It’s good to know your neighbors! Come to meet the Huning Highland volunteers who work to keep our neighborhood and community garden lush and vibrant.

We combine the block party with our annual elections for the coming year’s Board, so if you are interested this is the perfect time to become a member or renew your membership. Annual dues are a bargain: $3/single or $5/family is all it takes to become a voting member.

Board President Bonnie Anderson will be on hand to take your money, hand you your ballot, and explain the benefits of membership.

Save the date. We’ll see you there!



Elections Update

Huning Highland Historic District Association will hold its annual election for board members on August 17, 2014 during the annual block party. Board members agree to serve for a two-year term and this year the following volunteers have agreed to serve for the upcoming term:

  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Joe Boyd 
  • Moises Gonzalez
  • Steve Grant
  • Jackie Smee
  • Lee Spittler

These Board members, if elected, will join those in their second term: Ann Carson, Kathy Grassel, Elaine McGivern, Greg and Joni Neutra

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Jeff Speck Presents Study on Walkability and Connectivity for Downtown

Jeff Speck will present his completed study and recommendations to the public on Thursday, July 31 at 6:00 pm at the Albuquerque Convention Center.
This project focuses on walkability and connectivity in downtown, with special attention to the area surrounding the Convention Center and Innovate ABQ site as well as the railroad track at Central Avenue.
Professional consultant Jeff Speck was commissioned to complete a study for the City. During his March 2014 visit, he met with stakeholders from the City, MRCOG, and the downtown community such as property and business owners and residents.



Historic Home Rescued at 222 High St SE

The City planned to demolish the historic home at 222 High Street SE (diagonally across from the old fire station) this summer because it was a public safety issue. Some neighbors with excellent detective skills produced a signed purchase agreement that stopped the City’s demolition. This agreement was the end result of a pursuit of the owner that took them to multiple addresses and included a conversation with the owner’s mother who helped persuade the owner to allow someone else to renovate the property.

The new owners plan to restore the property and hope to have the exterior completed, along with new windows and a picket fence, by the end of October. Congratulations to everyone who helped save this property from destruction. We look forward to seeing this corner of Silver and High Street restored to its former beauty.