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Dog Poop Epidemic

by Kathy Grassel, who picks up her dog's poop

A rising chorus can be heard throughout Huning Highlands as more and more residents are fed up having to pick up the poop of other people's dogs. These are not feral dogs, roaming the streets. These dogs have owners, and these owners are looking the other way while Fido and Fluffy do their business. One fed-up couple printed and posted a sign (left) imploring dog owners to pick up the poop that they, and others, have to pick up in order to keep our neighborhood and shoe bottoms clean, odor-free, and poop-free. Do the right thing, dog people. Use those plastic bags you have crammed in your drawers. You'll be glad you did! 


Inside the Mother's Day Home Tour

THANKS to the owners and proprieters of the eight homes and businesses who graciously opened their doors for the Mother’s Day Home Tour on May 10. Below is a taste of three of these homes.

Ann Carson's home: Room after room of history, antiques, period pieces... and Ann herself--preservationist extraordinaire—who guided visitors through every detail. The latest: kitchen flooring special ordered from Pennsylvania. Daughter Cindy amplified the enthusiasm. 

David Donaldson's home: A veritable museum of modern and global art from around the world. His garden landscape design was also on display and awe-producing. 

Salley Trefethen's contemporary kitchen: Thoroughly postmodern renovations worthy of "Dwell" magazine attention. The Zen garden had an immediate calming effect on visitors, as did Salley's greeters: her charming twin granddaughters.


Neighbor Thanks Ike Benton for Trees 


Hello Councilor Benton,

I thought I would send you a thank you note and photograph to show you how successful the historic neighborhood street tree program is. These are the two new honey locust trees planted in my landscape strip, and I'm sure they will soon grow to match their sister tree that is inside the yard.

This effort will have a lasting impact on my neighborhood and the city as a whole. In the past few years, one neighbor lost two mature trees to the drought and just last week an absentee landlord next door to me made the sad choice to "top" their elm tree, instead of pruning it. I wish we could make butchering and cutting down healthy trees a crime!

Thank you, again, for investing in street trees on Lead and Coal and in the neighborhood.  

Carrie Barkhurst



Walter gets New Trees, More Coming for Elm and High

from David Day

Take a look at how the re-treeing effort is going so far. Trees have been planted on Walter. More trees, for High and Elm, will be coming soon. Also, the contractor will be planting them deeper with a more rectangular basin and placing wood mulch on top and going back to correct these earlier plantings.

Work will continue through June as we have another $25,000 coming in from the state.


The EDo Evolution

EDo is quickly evolving into the new ‘hot place’ to be and be seen in Albuquerque. That is why Theory Specialty Coffee and Craft Beer, and Black List Tattoo Parlour (sic) decided to locate to our neighborhood.

Ben Viamontes and Jason Radcliff decided to move their successful Black List Tattoo Parlour and salon from Nob Hill because EDo provides a level of ambience and environment that their high-end clients require. EDo’s potential as an Art Center will support th

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Open Letter on Albuquerque Rapid Transit

The Huning Highlands Neighborhood Association would like to thank you for listening to our requests for a more pedestrian-friendly Central Avenue. But we want to be very clear that we are in complete agreement with the sentiments expressed by the EDo Neighborhood Association and Mr. Jeff Speck. The recommendations set out by Mr. Speck, and approved unanimously by the City Council, are pivotal to the economic success of our neighborhood

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Ann Carson to Receive Award 

by Kathy Grassel

Our own Ann Carson will be receiving the coveted L. Bradford Prince Award for Significant Work in the Field of Historic Preservation. The award is bestowed by the Historical Society of New Mexico at its annual conference on May 8-9.

HSNM was founded in 1859 and is the oldest historical society west of the Mississippi.

Congratulations, Ann Carson!


A Walking Tour of Exciting Changes

As you are walking down Edith SE and/or Coal SE through our very walkable neighborhood, take a little time to notice some of the exciting positive changes that are happening.

Walking south on Edith SE

  • Edith at Silver SE corner - The block-and-wrought-iron fence has been reconstructed 311 Edith - The home has a new owner who has taken down the chain link fence and is beginning to landscape
  • 315 Edith - The vacant

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Here's the Dirt, Spring 2015

The 2015 community garden has begun. The one heavy snowfall this winter pulled down our shade structure. We have now dug new holes and put in new latillas and promised ourselves to take the green shade strips down next November, before the snow falls. The chickens have returned to their coop yard that has been embellished with several new perches. Fruit trees are flower

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Mother's Day House Tour, Sunday May 10, 2015

501 Walter SE TodayFrom the contemporary to the historic, the Mother's Day House Tour offers something for everyone.

What a great time of year it is to show off the beautiful and hidden treasures of our neighborhood! It’s time to celebrate Mother's Day, too, so arrange for an outing with mother, grandmother, friends and family. It's on Sunday, May 10, from 11:00 to 3:00. Stop by one of our restaurants before or after.

Get your tickets on the day of the event at the TACA Preservation Station at 601 Coal SE. Cost is $15 per person.

Houses include the large, small, and the glamorous. One focuses on art and has an interesting new addition with a

501 Walter SE in 1999

lovely landscaped deck. Yet another is a very interesting "shotgun" house in the midst of restoration.

This year's treats include the Urban Fresh business in the old Music School on Broadway, and the Whole Woman Center where there will be an art show by Judith Shaw. Both locations include delightful personal quarters. The Press Club at Highland Park will be opening their doors, too.




412 Walter ST SESpread the word to others you know throughout the city. Call Ann Carson at 242-1143 for more infor- mation, or to volunteer to help the home owners.