Trees! Worth the wait? You bet!
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 10:18AM
Salley Trefethen in Tree Project

Big projects take time and require vision and perserverence to stay the course. David Day's vision was sparked in 2010 when he and Fernando Delgado purchased a home in the neighborhood. He noticed that the Huning Highland trees in the parkway strips were in bad shape. David, an Urban Designer at Terra Designs LLC, helped by a gritty group of neighbors, mapped all 48 blocks of the neighborhood, produced a landscape plan, worked with City (Councilor Isaac Benton) and State (Rep. Rick Miera) for funding and landscape contracting, withstood bureaucratic delays, until finally the fruits (trees) of their labor are standing tall in the parkways. More trees are to come when the second phase of funding is released. Below is initial feedback from emails when it all happened. Read all about it on the CABQ website:


June 3—Carrie Barkhurst  Hello Councilor Benton, I thought I would send you a thank you note and photograph to show you how successful the historic neighborhood street tree program is. These are the two new honey locust trees planted in my landscape strip, and I'm sure they will soon grow to match their sister tree that is inside the yard. This effort will have a lasting impact on my neighborhood and the city as a whole. In the past few years, one neighbor lost two mature trees to the drought and just last week an absentee landlord next door to me made the sad choice to "top" their elm tree, instead of pruning it. I wish we could make butchering and cutting down healthy trees a crime! Thank you, again, for investing in street trees on Lead and Coal and in the neighborhood.

May 24—Bonnie Anderson and neighbors Before I get wrapped up in the activities of today, I need to say THANK YOU to David Day and Fernando Delgado, for the work they did to bring some beautiful trees to our neighborhood. I took a stroll down Elm, High, and Walter last evening to see what had been planted in the last two days. Wow! Several new tree owners were also out admiring and watering their new trees and we all agreed it is the biggest recent improvement to come to our neighborhood. Thanks again for inspiring us to tackle this project and for not giving up as the money to fund it was shuffled around various government entities.

May 25—Fernando Delgado  This was truly a group effort, but I credit David for holding it together during the funding saga with the city and state. You should also know that David and Clay (the contractor) are responsible for the selection (from two different nurseries) of every single tree that is being planted in HH. Cheers and here's to a greener HH!

May 25—David Day  Thank you for your patience and aid in this 2.5 year effort. This next week, you'll see them finish Walter and start Elm and High. They will also correct the planting detail—instead of a mound of soil, they will make a more rectangular, deeper basin and then place wood mulch. Work will continue through June, as the State's $25,000 is coming online.

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