Building Blocks—Theory Coffee & Beer
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 10:31AM
Salley Trefethen in News

by Karla Thornton

Solve Maxwell wanted to move to our neighborhood because he wants to be in good company. He really enjoys and respects the restaurants and cafes who have chosen to be in Huning Highland and thinks his place will complement the existing businesses. The concept of housing coffee and beer together has been happening in other cities and has been successful. He will serve espresso-based beverages and pour over coffee during the day and start serving New Mexico-brewed craft beers in the late afternoon. He has teamed up with the Standard Diner to create an original menu of light fare to be served all day.

The projected opening for Theory Coffee & Beer is Fall 2015. The anticipated business hours are 8:00 to midnight. Solve can be reached at solve@theorycof- Please join me in welcoming Solve and Theory Coffee & Beer to our neighborhood. 

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