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Meeting Minutes, September 6, 2017

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding      Start Time: 6:30 PM

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2018


Term ending August 2019


Anderson, Bonnie

Leverick, Pam


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Sturge, Ben


Grassel, Kathy


Moisés Gonzalez/Karla Thornton


Oakley, Patricia (Tom/Marie)


Grant, Steve


Fink, Zoey


Spittler, Lee


Vogle, Susan




Trefethen, Salley


Minutes of the July meeting were read and approved.

Officer Report—We were joined by Bailey, the APD crime prevention specialist for Valley Command. Her number is 505.761.8805 and she encouraged neighbors to contact her at any time.

Board Vacancy—Tom & Marie gone; the board unanimously elected and voted for Patricia Oakley to fill seat. Zoey is leaving the neighborhood to move on and pursue a new love.  Board voted in favor of Patricia to fill the role of secretary. Board voted for Salley to become treasurer. President and Vice President will remain as Bonnie and Moises.  All votes were unanimous.

Development Issues

  • ART shelter at Walter and Central not to have shade because of designs were not approved by the state historical organization. The city will address this concern after ART construction is completed.
  • 214 Walter St SE is getting solar. Will not be seen from roadside, Bonnie noted that she felt every solar project in our neighborhood is a positive contribution.
  • 518 Edith SE- back end of house (like many of the homes in Huning Highland) was an addition built directly on an old deck without any foundation. The homeowner, Pam, is putting in a foundation and replacing the addition within the same footprint. The project goes before LUCC Wednesday, September 13, and the Board voted to endorse the addition.

Museum Exhibit—Ann Carson is curating an exhibit at ABQ Museum Keller Gallery called “Mansion’s, Motoring and Millennials.” The exhibit will show many photos and relics of the Central corridor running through our neighborhood. There will be 50 photos and 75 artifacts; the opening is November 18


Dickens—Dickens needs more guests and additional houses to host the meals! This year it will take place on December 2nd. Cost per ticket is still $65.00. To get new guests Sally will blast to our email list that was compiled at Mother’s Day Tour.

Money Issues—The association has $22,000 balance in a non–interest bearing account. This money has come from fundraisers and from movies filmed in the neighborhood. 

Bonnie and Moises proposed donating money to worthy projects that benefit our neighborhood and the community. Moises suggested two projects: Heading Home and Warehouse 508. Heading Home provides housing for homeless in Albuquerque. Warehouse 508 has programs for youth, including some art and mural projects. Warehouse 508 approached some members of the board requesting $400 for a mural project in the neighborhood. Other ideas that were discussed were fixing up and painting the station so it could be used more often and having a fall party in the park. There was additional discussion about setting up a process whereby groups could apply for grants from the association and whether it is possible for the association to get non–profit designation. A community member will ask an attorney friend about the non–profit designation.

Two motions were made to 1) donate $1000 to Warehouse508 and 2) donate $1000 to Heading Home. Both motions were seconded and approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm. The next meeting will be Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2017, at 6:30pm.