Meeting Minutes, May 3, 2017
Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 11:04AM
Salley Trefethen

Officer Report—Sgt. Sanders, Officer Talia and Ms. Pino joined us and reported a spike in crime over the last month, including 2 residential burglaries, 9 auto burglaries, and 3 auto thefts. 

A concerned neighbor joined us to air grievances about the Imperial Motel. A long discussion commenced about how to tackle the serious issues of prostitution, drug use and criminal activity at the motel, as well as concerns about APD response time. Sgt. Sanders reported that 30 new officers will be joining APD mid-May.  Currently there is a severe understaffing of officers across the city and they are working tirelessly to keep our city and neighborhoods safe, but there simply are not enough officers to keep up with calls.  

Easter Egg Hunt—The Easter Egg hunt on April 15 was very successful. Annabelle announced that she will no longer be organizing, and Amberley stepped up to organize the 2018 event. 

Mother’s Day Tour—The Mother’s Day tour will be held on Sunday, May 14, Ann sent around a volunteer sign-up sheet to get all hands on deck to help staff houses and sell tickets. 

209/211 Broadway—The Architectural Review Committee approved the request for demolition of 209/211 Broadway.  Apparently the request did not need to go through LUCC. 

Heading Home—Dorothy Otero from the Heading Home joined us to share information about this wonderful organization and the work they do with the homeless population. They work to get highly vulnerable and long-time homeless individuals and families into permanent housing, and have a 92% retention rate. She encouraged neighbors who encountered an apparent homeless person struggling, to contact St. Martin’s, and if in a crisis situation where it is necessary to call APD make sure to ask for a CIT officer (trained in mental health). A really amazing program doing great work in our city and tackling hard issues head on.

Rock Wall at Highland Park—The estimated cost of rebuilding the rock wall at the park is $55k; neighbors were encouraged to brainstorm alternatives. 

Chain link fence at Highland Park—Ben has not received a call back from the City regarding his inquires to lower the chain link fence directly in front of the landscaped walls running along the ally on the west side of Highland Park. He will persist.

Tree Replacement Policy—Some neighbors have expressed concerns that the trees planted around the neighborhood are not leafing out! Bonnie encourages patience and continued watering; some varieties leaf out later. The home owner is responsible for replacement if a tree is dead.

Collective Yard Sale—Saturday, May 6, Sam is organizing a collective yard sale at the station. Neighbors can come set up items at 8 am, either selling their own and keeping proceeds, or donating to the collection and putting proceeds towards a new neighborhood sign. 

Miscellaneous History—Ann was reading a book called “America’s Historic Neighborhoods and Homes” and noticed that Huning Highlands is included! 

Meeting adjourned 7:32 pm; next meeting 6:30 pm June 7th   




From: Barkhurst, Kathryn Carrie [
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2017 11:59 AM
To: Lehner, Catalina L. <>; Renz-Whitmore, Mikaela J. <>; Brito, Russell D. <>; Henry, Dora L. <>
Subject: 4th EPC IDO Hearing Notice of Decision


Hello Neighborhood Association representative, 

You are one of the contacts on file with the City’s Office of Neighborhood Coordination for your neighborhood association, and you are receiving this Notice of Decision for the 4th EPC hearing on behalf of your Neighborhood Association. Because this is a citywide action, all neighborhood associations receive the Notice of Decision for each of the Environmental Planning Commission’s public hearings on the draft Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). Please share this notice with your membership.

The IDO is the proposed update and consolidation of the City of Albuquerque’s regulations for land use and development.  It covers zoning of properties, standards for subdivision and development, and regulations specific to smaller areas such as historic overlay zones, etc.

There are FAQs on the ABC-Z project website that may be useful:

A fifth hearing on the Integrated Development Ordinance is scheduled for Monday, May 15 starting at 8:30 a.m. in the Plaza del Sol Basement Hearing Room. This hearing will focus on finalizing recommended Conditions of Approval. 

The EPC is not taking any additional public testimony.  Any additional public comments will be collected to be forwarded to City Council for their consideration. Feel free to contact the project team with any further questions by responding to this email. 

Best Regards, 

ABC-Z Planning Team

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