Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2018
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 08:52PM
Salley Trefethen

Preservation Station, Bonnie Anderson, presiding      Start Time:6:30pm

Board Member Attendance:

Term ending August 2018 


Term ending August 2019 


Anderson, Bonnie


Leverick, Pam 


Boyd, Joe


Carson, Ann


Sturge, Ben


Grassel, Kathy


Moisés Gonzalez/Karla Thornton


Oakley, Patricia


Grant, Steve


Tanner, David


Spittler, Lee


Vogle, Susan




Trefethen, Salley




Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.


Review of Clean-up event (Jennifer)—Jennifer reported. The cleanup went well. A couple of alleys were cleaned. There is still a big stump that needs to be hauled away. Appreciation was expressed for Jennifer.

Mansions, Motoring, Millennials (Ann)—Ann reported on talk at ABQ Museum.

Update on the signage project (Ben/Susan)—Susan is waiting for a call back from the traffic department. 

Appeal on the rezoning for Steve and Kara Grant’s B&Bs (May 7)—Steve reported on the current situation. The City Council meeting will hear the appeal and decide.  The meeting is at 5:00pm on May 7.

Do we want to donate to the Police Appreciation Day on July 27 (Bonnie)—It was moved and seconded to donate $100 to the Police Appreciation Day.

Discussion of vacant properties

Discussed the properties listed below.

Karla and Steve will talk to David Blanc about the vacant lot at 100 Walter NE (NE corner of Walter and Central). They will invite him to our next meeting.

Bonnie will invite the owner of 701 Coal SE.

Other properties that David found in the tax records that are listed as vacant are.

Other business—Gertrude Zachary Mansion will be the new home of the Turquoise Museum.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm

Next meeting will take place 6:30pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018



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