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Meeting Minutes, September 7, 2016

Karla Thornton’s request to join Moisés Gonzalez to share a board seat was approved; Susan Vogle was approved to fill Karla’s seat. Susan has lived on the 200 block of Walter since 1994 and is active in neighborhood cleanup and animal rescue. 

A motion was made and seconded to re-elect the board’s president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.  The motion passed.

Crime Report—Retired Officer Seibel reported an increase in auto burglaries: up to 8 from 2 or 3 last month. Moisés reported that his garage was burglarized on a Sunday afternoon. Tiffany reported a mailbox theft in which her debit card was stolen and charged to $2,000. There was also a public altercation on Central. Scott said there is a new bid that will move police to 12-hour shifts, which should result in more community policing.

Block Party and Election—The

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Meeting Minutes, July 6, 2016

Crime Report—Officer Scott S gave brief crime report: increased trend in auto theft and burglary, especially in diesel vehicles.

Block Party—August 14th, 5-8pm block party at the filling station! Will host the annual election and annual report will go out with the July newsletter. Bonnie read brief summary of the annual report at meeting. Standard Diner and Holy Cow will both donate food for the block party; Zoey or Kathy will communicate with them.

Property updates


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Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2016

ART/Complete streets—Complete streets went in front of LUCC but there was no quorum, will meet again June 8. Edo/Huning Highland agree to the ART plan so long as some design changes are made in our neighborhood. Motion to spend $400 to bring Peter Swift, a traffic engineer, to speak on three issues: parking along Central, left turns from Central, and the stretch between Broadway and 1st. Approved.

Sprawl vs. Infill—Moises speaks on the planned development Santolina that is currently seeking approval.

First Presbyterian Church—Ron

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Meeting Minutes, May 4, 2016

Development across from Presebyterian Hospital

Josh Rogers and Jim Strozier joined us to talk about their development project across from Pres that contains mixed use, high end apartments, hotel and retail. Through this project they also plan to make the Central underpass more enjoyable: dealing with pidgeons, installing lights, and pulling back the concrete slopes to increase walkability.

ART Update

Moises gave a brief report about the ART charette and walk from last month. Discussed the changes that we would like to see (slower traffic, posted speed of 25mph at Central, etc). Isaac Benton, ABQ Ride and Innovate ABQ were all present, listened to proposals

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Meeting Minutes, April 6, 2016

Lead/Coal Update

Tom Menicucci visiting from city council services. Bonnie gave a brief history of our Lead/Coal debate. Tom discussed how ped. HAWK lights must be 100ft from an intersection (midblock). Recommended we continue stoplights west of I25 with a signalized timing regime to match lights E of I25. City has a current policy about the signal regime W of I25 to Broadway due to past periods of heavy rush hour traffic, but this policy is likely amendable. Upon the amendment of this policy we will have to raise $300,000 to put in two stoplights, one at Lead and Walter and one at Coal and Walter. We must practice patience with this process! It is likely to take to up two years. Ben moves to write a resolution to change the signal regime on Lead and Coal in the HUning Highland corridor. Approved. Bonnie will write to Isaac Benton and Tom will talk to Diane Dolan about getting this resolution made!

ART Charrette

Bonnie will email ART to notify them of our desire to install signalized lights in our neighborhood.

  • Plan to build microlofts at Broadway and Central (across from Innovate ABQ)
  • There will be a large building constructed behind the Baptist church at Broadway and Central
  • Poppin’ taco will become a mixed use building

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