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Meeting Minutes, February 1, 2017

Highland Park Update—The official opening for Highland Park will be in March, the city is waiting for the outdoor furniture to be delivered and installed before they open. Going to be a very nice space to gather in!

Easter and Mother’s Day Tour—April 16 is tentative date for Easter Egg hunt. Dave volunteered to help Annabell coordinate. The Mothers Day home tour will take place on May 14 from 11-3pm. We will need volunteers to help with this event!

Sign Update—Edo board hasn’t responded to email inquiries about collaborating on a neighborhood sign. Moises will check in with Rob at next Edo meeting to see what the status is with that.

Integrated Deve

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Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2017

Officer Report—Scott Seibel reported three auto burglaries, three auto thefts, one residential burglary and one unlawful entry over the month of December.

Dickens of a Dinner—Ann reports that attendance was down thirteen people this year, she will cover the cost difference. Guests were happy, smooth execution overall. Ann will follow up to get participation plaques for Amberley and Manuela. 

Property Tax Increase—3% property tax cap in New Mexico. If a property changes ownership, the new owner gets hit with the tax increase that’s accumulated.  It is possible to refute or correct these tax mistakes, but

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Meeting Minutes, December 7, 2016

Officer Report—Lt. Aragon visited to alert us of a new sergeant coming to our neighborhood. Neighbors encouraged officers to patrol the Central tunnel more frequently. Scott Seibel reminded us to be home to claim packages, not to leave vehicles running unattended, and support community policing/ neighborhood watch.

Website—Sally encourages us to make the website more active, with a regularly updated “News” section in lieu of printed newsletters. Can send out E-Newsletters to the neighborhood email list.

Home Renovation Signs—Pam followed through to get yard signs made for houses under constructions. Neighbors can borrow the signs during renovation periods.

Dickens of a Dinner—Another successful event thanks

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Meeting Minutes, November 2, 2016

Dickens of a Dinner—Dickens of a Dinner will take place December 3rd this year; the invitations are out but Ann needs more volunteers and houses for the tour! All hands on deck!

Lot Split

Ben Sturge will soon be moving to remodeled house on High and Silver, but his mother would like to stay living in the casita at back of his current house on Walter Street. Would like to move forward and split the Walter lot to enable the casita to remain separate from front house, as they plan to sell the front house. Board voted all in favor of writing a letter of support to subdivide the Sturges’ Walter lot into separate lots. 

Lead and Coal update—At the October 17 meeting the council voted to place stop lights at Walter and Lead, and Walter and Coal. The timeline

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Meeting Minutes, October 6, 2016

Crime Report—Ex Officer Scott Seibel reported 3 stolen automobiles and 4 auto burglaries. Report from board of an increase in illicit activity at Imperial Motel (Central and High).

Dickens of a Dinner—Dickens of a Dinner will take place December 3rd this year; we will need all hands on deck from the neighborhood to help put this annual event on!

Newsletter—Bonnie and Kathy are burned out writing newsletters, moving towards flyers and digital media instead of a full newsletter for Dickens promotion.

119 High St—Ann will keep in touch

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