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Meeting Minutes, November 1, 2017

EDO Social Media Campaign and Rebranding

Jim Maddox and Lauren Greene—Jim Maddox, discussed signage for the EDO/HHHD. There are plans to put a rooftop sign above Rebel Workout, similar to the signs for Nob Hill Center and Morningside Center. He’s hoping there will also be a sign in the vicinity of I-25.  HHHDA and Edo plan to collaborate.

Lauren Greene from The Grove Cafe talked about an initiative to promote Huning Highland Historic District and EDO through a rebranding campaign using social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The hope is that EDO and HHHDA be looked at as one - an urban historical neighborhood.

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Meeting Minutes, October 4, 2017

Dickens update—Ann is still working on getting houses for Dickens.

Museum Exhibit—Ann is curating an exhibit for the Albuquerque Museum.  The theme is “Mansions, Motoring, and Millennials, and will cover Central from the early 1900’s to the present. On November 18, Ann will give a talk at 1pm at the Museum.

Bonnie expressed

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Meeting Minutes, September 6, 2017

Development Issues

  • ART shelter at Walter and Central not to have shade because of designs were not approved by the state historical organization. The city will address this concern after ART construction is completed.
  • 214 Walter St SE is getting solar. Will not be seen from roadside, Bonnie noted that she felt every solar project in our neighborh

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Meeting Minutes, July 5, 2017

Officer Report—Cindy Pino presented the officer report with 16 auto burglaries and 2 auto thefts. She reminded us that Officer Appreciation day is August 11th 11-3pm at 5408 2nd St. NW.

IDO—There is talk of changing the wording within the IDO about alcohol sales and zoning. Would require 500ft between a liquor store and residential zone, and 1000ft between retail liquor stores. The final vote will take place August 16, Bonnie will research what this change would mean for a grocery store selling liquor.

Tree Project Potential—RFP for one neighborhood to receive 100 trees from the city. Don’t think our neighborhood

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Meeting Minutes, June 7, 2017

Crime Report: Officer Sanders and PACT Cindy Pino reported a spike in auto burglary. Of the 11, two were unlocked. Of the three auto thefts, one was recovered. Gordon B. complained of people shooting up during the day under the Central overpass. Off. Sanders said that APD was working with the Alvarado Task Force, and that the underpass is on everyone’s radar. He said businesses have responsibilities, too, and are supposed to have private security.

Mother’s Day Home Tour was a huge success, 400 people attending, earning the neighborhood ~$5,000.

Stop Light on Walter update. Diane Dolan reports that because of a decision to make several 4-way stops permanent at intersections that erstwhile

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