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Meeting Minutes, September 5, 2018

Officer Report: New downtown officers came to our meeting. They reported that there is a downtown substation with eight officers. Concerns were expressed about Highland Park, a suspected drug dealer working out of the Imperial Motel, and homeless occupying vacant buildings particularly 615 Arno.

Election results/Election of officers—The Board members on the August ballot were reelected for another term.  Officers for the Board were elected. President: Bonnie; VP: Moises; Secretary: Patricia; Treasurer: Salley.

Thanks to Block Party Workers—Appreciation was expressed for all the volunteers for the annual block party.

Lead/Coal update—Bonnie reported that stoplights may not be put in at Walter. The City has noted that stoplights would be

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Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2018

Officer Report—Our new crime prevention specialist is Laura Trujillo  The two highest crime rate days are Tuesday and Saturday, 2 – 5 pm. The officers discussed recent criminal events in our neighborhood and the outcomes.

Lead/Coal—Councilor Isaac Benton reviewed the history of studies on these two streets and the pending installation of traffic signals at Walter.  Due to the high cost of these traffic signals, Benton suggested that the City might be willing to return these two streets to two-way status, between Broadway and I-25, if the neighborhood wanted that.  A discussion followed with some residents agreeing that the “friction” of two way traffic would slow down the speeding, while other residents were concerned that it might be impossible for pedestrians to cross.  Others suggested cross walks should be put in at every intersection, along with some traffic speed monitors.  Another suggestion was that we could try it for a trial period, to see if making the streets two way again would slow down traffic as expected. Councilor Benton welcomed feedback from interested neighbors.  No decisions were made and discussion will continue at future meetings.

205 Edith NE—Owners of 205 Edith NE are asking for a zoning amendment so that they could use the house for business purposes only. Several neighbors spoke against this request, pointing out that we would be setting a precedent if we supported

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2018 Annual Report

Since our last annual meeting/block party on August 13, 2017, the Board has worked on the following major activities.

  • Ongoing input was given to the government (city, county, etc.) regarding the impact of various development projects on the neighborhood: home renovation at various addresses in the neighborhood; ongoing ART issues; the Central tunnel under the railroad tracks; restriping Broadway; a rezoning request for a bed and breakfast
  • At monthly meetings, discussions related to the neighborhood included neighborhood signage, crime reports from AP

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Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2018

Review of Clean-up event (Jennifer)—Jennifer reported. The cleanup went well. A couple of alleys were cleaned. There is still a big stump that needs to be hauled away. Appreciation was expressed for Jennifer.

Mansions, Motoring, Millennials (Ann)—Ann reported on talk at ABQ Museum.

Update on the signage project (Ben/Susan)—Susan is waiting for a call back from the traffic department. 

Appeal on the rezoning for Steve and Kara Grant’s B&Bs (May 7)—Steve reported on the current situation. The City Council meeting will hear the appeal and decide.  The meeting is at 5:00pm on May 7.


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Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt Report from Amberley Pyles—A report from Amberley was read (see Appendix) on the Easter Egg Hunt. The board will reimburse Amberley $25 for the additional amount she spent over the budgeted amount.

Result of Steve’s zoning request appeal (hearing was April 3)—Steve reported on the process related to his re-zoning request. He is just waiting on results.

Review of Broadway re-striping (Bonnie)—Bonnie gave additional information on the Broadway re-striping. Traffic counts on Broadway do not warrant requiring 5 lanes - 3 lanes are sufficient. The plan is to have one travel lane in each direction, with a median and a turning lane. There will be a parking lane and a protected b

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