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Meeting Minutes May 5, 2010

Historic Tree Project—Nick Kuhn, the forester for the City, explained a new project he hoped we would help him pilot.  He wants to create an online tree tour of our neighborhood, featuring special trees and their stories: oldest, biggest, most unusual, etc.

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Meeting Minutes April 7, 2010

HHHDA leadership—Joaquin announced that he needs to pull back his work for HHHDA due to family and business obligations.  He is willing to step aside or, if the Board wishes, he would continue to conduct meetings but will not be able to do any work between meetings.  Amberley declined when asked if she would be willing to take over leadership. No one else was willing to take over leadership.

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Meeting Minutes March 3, 2010

Lead Coal Project—Construction is still slated to begin in May and continue for 18 – 24 months.  Environmental soil samples along the corridor tested “clean.”  The only remaining decision is the color of the light standards: fir green, black-red, or black.

The first vote was split between fir green and black-red.  After a brief discussion, the Board agreed on black-red.

First Baptist Church – Art School—Albuquerque Public Schools has an option to buy this property to use as an art school. The Board supports this use for the property.

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Meeting Minutes February 3, 2010


Dickens—Ann reported that although profits from this year’s event were still not finalized, it was clear that less profit was made than in previous years.  In addition, guests reportedly missed the ambience created by visiting historic homes that had been decorated for the season.  Kay reported that certain aspects of the event were easier for volunteers: using a professional kitchen; not having to arrange for houses to host the dinner.

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Meeting Minutes, January 6, 2010

Agenda item: Dickens

Discussion: Ann reported that there were 62 paid attendees, including 30 for the Ball.  Overall, the profit was between $600 and $700.  (Only an estimate was available since not all bills had been submitted and paid.)  Ann noted that in previous years, the event had netted about $1200.  Ann and Cindy Carson summarized comments from attendees indicating that they preferred the previous event, held in historic homes in the neighborhood, to the current year’s event held at the Greek church.  Attendees also noted that they preferred the menu in previous years to this year’s menu.  There was a brief discussion of the extent of decorations this year compared to previous years, and whether it might be possible to resurrect some sort of carriage ride in future years, even if the horses we used in the past were not available.

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