Arno SE - 600 Block
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 07:30PM
Salley Trefethen in Arno SE, maps

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The 600 block of Arno Street SE contains 20 properties. Given that the historical significance of only two of these structures were recorded on the “official” Huning Highland Historic District boundary map used in compiling data for this online inventory, it was necessary to temporarily assign and undetermined status to the remaining 18 structures. This website will be modified to reflect a more accurate understanding of all properties as more data becomes available.

Click on the links below for photos and to discover or contribute to the recorded histories of these properties.

601 Arno SE
602 Arno SE
605 Arno SE
606 Arno SE
609 Arno SE
610 Arno SE
613 Arno SE
614 Arno SE
615 Arno SE
619 Arno SE
620 Arno SE
623 Arno SE
624 Arno SE
625 Arno SE
628 Arno SE
629 Arno SE
632 Arno SE
635 Arno SE
636 Arno SE
637 Arno SE´╗┐

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