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FAQs > How to Use This Site > I am not receiving emails after I've subscribed. What's wrong?

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Problems receiving e-mail notifications occur when:

  Problems receiving e-mail notifications occur when:

  • The e-mail address you are using is invalid or typed incorrectly. Ensure that any e-mail addresses you include on pages or in profiles are valid, accurate and, that you have direct access to your mail. HHHDA does not host e-mail; notifications are sent directly to the mail address you specify.

  • The e-mail account you are using has settings applied preventing your mail from arriving. Check your spam folder/junk mail settings to see if mail is getting redirected to your spam folder. If so, change your e-mail settings to prevent this. If you are using GMail, you can mark mail as "not spam" and add a filter to prevent messages from "" from being blocked.

  • The e-mail you are using has been unsubscribed or is being bounced by your provider. If you clicked the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the notification this automatically removes your address from receiving further subscription updates. If your mailbox is full or there is a problem with the email address you provided us, your emails may be bounced by your email provider with any number of errors. In order to be removed from our Unsubscribed or Bounced lists, you will need to notify us by sending a ticket via [Website Management > Billing & Support > Support Ticket] or via e-mail:

Last updated on October 3, 2012 by Salley Trefethen