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Huning Highlands Community Garden

The Huning Highlands community garden was originally a paved lot that was used by the adjoining gas station.  After the station closed, the lot became an unsightly nuisance collecting weeds and trash. In 2009, volunteers helped tear up and haul off the blacktop and an iron fence was constructed around the perimeter.  More volunteers helped dig trenches to accommodate landscape watering pipes.  New soil was brought in for the 10 rows.  Finally, in the summer of 2010, the first group of gardeners planted veggies.  

Over the years, the gardeners have organized themselves in different ways.  For several years we tried to work all the rows in common, making decisions about what to plant where at weekly Saturday morning work sessions.  That organization proved difficult for many, due to demands on Saturday morning time, so in later years we moved to a system where each gardener agreed to pay one-tenth of the annual water bill ($500/10=$50) and “rented” one row for the season.  We did away with mandatory work sessions, but got together for social events at the garden several times each summer.

Other changes have occurred over the years.  After the first couple years, we added the shade structure.  We tried running two drip lines for each row for a couple years. We added chickens and bees for several years.  We tried gardening outside the main garden area, along the north fence.  We added donated fruit trees and donated furniture. Each year we add something special. In 2019, for example, we added an herb garden, a peach tree, a raspberry bush, and a row of asparagus that we’re going to leave as asparagus from now on.  

Our mission for the garden is to create a lovely urban oasis, to provide a space for raising organic veggies, and to build community.  We invite all Huning Highland neighbors to stop by and enjoy the peace and beauty of the garden…..and if you are interested in trying your hand at gardening a row, please review the following garden agreements and contact information.

Gardener Agreements

Community garden participation is open to those who live or own property in the neighborhood, have $50 to pay up front for the annual water fee for one row, and are willing to abide by the following agreements.

  1. This is an organic garden, so any soil amendments or pest control you use in your row needs to be organic.
  2. You can plant anything you want in your row except squash (because of squash bugs) and mint (because it spreads like crazy).  What you harvest from your row can be shared with family and friends, but not sold.
  3. Be respectful of fellow gardeners by keeping your dog outside the fence, not allowing children to run around in the garden where they might step on somebody’s plants, keeping your row weeded so that weeds don’t spread to adjoining rows, and keeping your spreading veggies contained or trimmed so the walkways on either side of your row are clear.
  4. The annual water fee includes any supplemental hand watering you may want to do for plants in your row. However the gardener needs to cover the cost of anything (other than water) they choose to put in their row.
  5. Participating gardeners are able to communicate via a group email list.  This is a privilege; please be respectful in all your communications.  Our email list helps or volunteers/organizers communicate in order to process decisions that impact the rest of the group.
  6. Understand that we have not found the need to lock the garden or install security cameras.
  7. The gardeners all agree to revisit these agreements at the annual end-of-season harvest potluck and will make decisions based on majority vote of those present at that event.