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CityLink Providing Residential Wireless to Huning Highlands

Historically, if you wanted internet service in our neighborhood, you had fairly limited and fairly expensive options to choose from—Comcast and CenturyLink being the dominant offerings.

The options just got stronger by one—CityLink.

CityLink is providing residential wireless internet service for $29.95/month for 10 Mb/s upload and download speeds. No contract required, no equipment fees, no usage limits, no throttling. There is an installation fee starting at $99.95. For those interested in faster speeds, their 25 Mb/s service goes for $69.95, same terms as for the 10 Mb/s service. Contact information for them is provided on their website. Click here to go to their contact page.

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Here is my experience with CityLink:
After having the round white drum-shaped thing put on the roof, it was not possible to get a good connection due to the fact that my house is a one story, and there were trees in the way. They must have a direct "sight line" to the antenna downtown.
They suggested I either find a two-story neighbor willing to put the same disc on their roof (that mine could bounce from) or put an 18 foot pole on my roof to get good reception. I declined the pole idea.

The neighborhood could have internet from this company, but it would require the "higher" homes to get service from them.
July 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Vogle

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